By: Julie Nave, MA, LPC at Embark Recovery

With all the treatment option’s out there and reliance on 12-step programs, one might wonder, why is the relapse rate so high? What is missing? People relapse due to many reasons – coping with life problems, stress, or negative emotions such as fear, anger, depression to name just a few.

Developing the tools to recovery are the building blocks to creating a life worth living.  Embark Recovery focuses on these building blocks to create a new life, one that is free of substances, where patients are equipped with the life skills necessary to cope with life problems and negative emotions.

The primary mode of treatment here is through the use of Dialectic Behavioral Therapy which is a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral treatment for complex disorders with adaptations specifically for those suffering from substance dependence.

Learning skills of mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotion regulation, patients build confidence with their own problem solving skills, develop a better understanding of themselves and their own risk factors as well as develop good communication and relationship skills.

If stress and problems and negative emotions could all be avoided or prevented, we would not be living in a society where overindulgence with food, spending, drugs, alcohol, or relationships are so prevalent.

The emphasis at Embark Recovery is the effective management of stress, problems and negative emotions in order to create one’s own happiness through achievement of personal goals. The comprehensive treatment program is supported by our affiliated sober living program where our patients have the opportunity to be contributing members of the community while maintaining the oversight and structure necessary during early recovery.

Addiction affects the whole person, family, and friends and necessitates this level of a comprehensive program to minimize the risk of relapse. If you or anyone you know is suffering from an addiction and struggling to find the tools to change the current destruction, please contact one of our addiction specialists at 1-877-215-2224.