About Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complicated disease that may be hard for people to understand. Many individuals do not actually understand what drug addiction is or how substances like drugs and alcohol can cause a person to become addicted.

Are you or is someone you know suffering with drug addiction and abuse? Embark Recovery is a leading Prescott drug addiction treatment center. We believe it is extremely important to educate the community about drug addiction to better identify and empathize with someone that is suffering from drug addiction.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a state of psychological and physical dependence on a substance that causes individuals to feel an uncontrollable need to find and use that drug. The use and reuse of an addictive drug makes it difficult for a person to stop using it, even though there are harmful consequences.

What Causes Drug Addiction?

Drugs cause a state of euphoria, which makes a user feel “very good” in a variety of ways. However, drugs affect the “pleasure center” of the brain, and with repeated use, the brain needs more and more to achieve the same euphoric effect. This is often referred to as “building a tolerance.”

After a “high” a person’s body can go into a state of dysphoria, making them feel unwell. This, in turn, can make a person want to use drugs again because they do not want to feel unwell; they want to feel that euphoric feeling again. This begins the vicious cycle of drug addiction. Embark Recovery Prescott Drug Addiction helps people break this cycle.

Could You benefit from a Drug Treatment Program?

If you experience cravings for the substance, an inability to stop, the need to raise the dosage as tolerance increases, and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when the drug is reduced or stopped, then you need professional substance abuse treatment assistance to help you recover and achieve long-term sobriety.

Individuals who are wrestling with drug abuse need the medical supervision and care that only a reputable Arizona substance abuse treatment program like Buena Vista can offer. Not sure if you’re a social user or you have a real drug problem? Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer “yes” to more than one, then you likely have a problem.

Do You Have Substance Use Disorder?

  • Do you continue taking a prescribed drug after the health problem no longer exists?
  • Have you tried to stop or cut down on drug use, but were unable to do so?
  • Do you feel intense cravings for the drug?
  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about and obtaining the drug?
  • Do you spend money on the drug, even though you can’t afford it?
  • Have you done anything illegal, such as stealing money, to get the drug?
  • Does drug use interfere with your home, school or work obligations?
  • Do you search other people’s medicine cabinets for drugs?
  • Have you lost interest in activities and people you once enjoyed?
  • Do you have a new set of friends and go to different places to use drugs?
  • Have you driven or had unsafe sex while under the influence of drugs?
  • Do you find that you need more of the drug or a higher dose to feel its effects?
  • Do your friends and family tell you that you have a problem?
  • Do you sleep and eat more or less than you did previously?
  • Have withdrawal symptoms appeared when you cut back or stop taking the drug?

Where to get help for drug addiction?

Over time, the vast majority of drug addicts do not even want to continue to use drugs, but the physical and mental dependency inhibits them from quitting—and many also fear the effects of withdrawal. The best way to help someone with their drug addiction is to admit them to a drug treatment and rehabilitation center.

Embark Recovery is one of the leading drug treatment facilities in Arizona. Our Prescott drug addiction treatments help individuals overcome their disease and successfully get their lives back on track

If you have further questions about drug addiction and want to know how to get help for yourself or someone you love, please call us at 877.788.5788 to speak to one of our addiction professionals.

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