Why Choose Embark Recovery?

Why Choose Embark Recovery?

Many times, people will reach their hand out to help a friend, loved one, or family member who is suffering from an addiction, but that person does not know where to begin. Even those who have the benefit of a personal reference to a provider or those who encounter a well-assembled website can have difficulties understanding what differentiates one drug and alcohol treatment center from another. Embark Recovery is recognized as one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Arizona for a number of reasons. So, what makes Embark Recovery stand out from other recovery centers?

Since 2013 Embark Recovery Center has been successfully helping those with alcohol and drug addiction with their recovery. Embark Recovery is an effective, licensed, intensive alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in Prescott, Arizona. Our rehabilitation facility is state licensed and nationally accredited, providing patients with effective treatment programs. Embark Recovery Center is operated and built by individuals who have suffered from addiction and understand the challenges that our patients face each day breaking free from addition.

Embark Recovery has set itself apart by ensuring our patients are at the center of all we do:

  • Welcoming family atmosphere
  • Highest level of care available
  • Individualized therapy program
  • Evidence based treatment plans
  • Beautiful, serene setting.

Many times, a patient will go to drug and/or alcohol treatment with no contact to the rest of the world, creating a false sense of security. Embark takes pride in making our patients mirror what the real world may look like outside of drug and alcohol treatment environment. This mirror includes getting a job, learning to pay bills, budgeting, and financial education, finding creative ways to enjoy life in sobriety, and the ability to have interactions with the world outside of treatment.

All of our clinical team are licensed and possess master’s level education with unparalleled experience in substance abuse treatment as well as the mental and behavioral health field.

Embark Recovery works exclusively with some of the best Residential Services Providers in the Prescott area to provide a safe, secure living environment for our patients in beautiful neighborhoods across the area.

A crucial portion of success of any drug and alcohol treatment program is the inclusion of the family and loved ones of the patient. Our professionals at Embark Recovery keep a point of contact in each family updated with progress and resources for the family on a regular basis. Sometimes having a family member or loved one informed about what needs to be done during any given situation can be a determining factor in a patient’s progress and opportunity for success.

At Embark Recovery, patients have the luxury of a weekly visit with our Clinical Psychiatrist.

Many recovering addicts or alcoholics realize that frequently, they have lost touch with their environmental surroundings. Part of our drug and alcohol treatment center is to bring this aspect back into our patients’ lives. Embark Recovery offers voluntary participation in activities where patients have the opportunity to go on beautiful hikes around Arizona, go rock climbing, mountain biking, swimming, or backpacking and many other activities.

At Embark Recovery we take great pride in the positive peer culture we have created among our patients. We promote and cultivate a family atmosphere for our patients where they can feel loved and welcomed. During the program, each patient can learn how to nurture healthy relationships and boundaries with one another. These skills have many times been lost during the drug and alcohol addiction process.

At Embark Recovery we are truly setting the industry standard for service and level of care. This runs deep in our roots, and we understand that drug addiction can destroy one’s life and we strive to do whatever we can to turn that around. By giving each patient the time and attention, they deserve, we know that we are setting the industry standard.

Often finding a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center can be a huge financial burden on the individual or family. We understand this and we make an Admissions Specialist available 24 hours a day to help navigate these difficult circumstances.

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