Our Therapeutic Approach at Embark Recovery

Our Therapeutic Approach at Embark Recovery

At Embark Recovery, our alcohol and drug recovery programs use a therapeutic approach to treating and rehabilitating patients suffering from addiction. Embark Recovery’s clinical team consists of only highly, extremely qualified individuals. Each clinician, at our treatment center in Prescott, Arizona, has a master’s degree or higher in a field related to substance abuse treatment. In addition, each licensed clinician has years of experience in the substance abuse treatment field and behavioral health.

The Embark Recovery program is comprehensive and will address all areas of life to build a path of recovery unique to each individual in the program. Embark Recovery adheres to evidence-based practices for the outpatient program. The primary treatment approaches DBT-S (Dialectical behavioral therapy for substance use disorders). Interwoven into these approaches, we also focus on teaching early recovery, relapse prevention, and shame resiliency skills.

DBT-S also emphasizes building skills for mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. All of these skills are important for success with a path of recovery and building confidence to have a life worth living.

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