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Specialized Alcohol Rehab and Recovery in AZ

Treatment Programs at Embark Recovery are comprehensive and tailored to each individual.

Effective Treatment Programs to Help Individuals and Families

At Embark Recovery, we understand that alcoholism affects the whole family. We have programs designed to help heal and rebuild relationships, as well as provide support for individuals and their families.

Our experienced counselors use a combination of evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavior therapy to assist patients in developing healthier coping skills, reducing stress levels, understanding triggers for relapse, and building resilience.

Alcoholism is an extremely difficult and complex disease to combat. Embark Recovery is a leading alcohol treatment center in Prescott, Arizona, that has successfully helped many individuals. Having the assistance of our licensed clinicians and staff experienced in addiction recovery, that battle against alcoholism becomes much easier to overcome.

Our Prescott alcohol rehab center offers treatment programs that provide insight into developing life skills and understanding the symptoms of alcoholism as well as providing proven strategies to facilitate recovery.

Our philosophy at Embark Recovery is to shed light on any issues that can sometimes be missed in the recovery process and address them in an environment compassion, love, and tolerance. There can be many issues such as dual diagnosis disorders, compulsive behavior, codependency, or deep-seated trauma that are difficult to confront. Anyone in our alcohol treatment program learns very quickly that they do not need to do it alone. Embark Recovery's alcohol rehab in Prescott, AZ, is here to help you through this disease. Our patients have created a Positive Peer Culture supporting each other in many ways.

Benefits of Alcohol Treatment Program

  • Improved overall health & wellbeing
  • Better communication within the family
  • Supportive environment & a sense of community
  • Increased self-awareness & understanding
  • Development of healthy coping mechanisms
  • Ability to stay sober long-term
  • Reduced risk of alcohol-related problems in the future
  • Effective Clinical Counseling
  • Safe, secure environment that fosters the Recovery process in a positive way
  • Positive Peer Counseling process for improved communication and problem solving skills
  • Development of better personal care habits
  • Establishment of a sense of balance in one's life
  • Understanding of how to set appropriate boundaries in any relationship
  • Learning the tools to live with abstinence from alcohol and other mind altering substances
  • Working through any deep-seated trauma
  • Building relationships with others experiencing the same issues
  • Becoming an active member of the community
  • Learning coping skills

Process of Alcohol Treatment Program

Step One: Intake Assessment

At Embark Recovery, we provide personalized treatment plans for each client. We start with an individual assessment to determine the best plan of action for them

Step Two: Detox and Healing

Once a preliminary treatment plan is in place, we offer support during the detox and withdrawal.

Step Three: Personal Recovery

After that, our clinicians will start working on their personal recovery goals, such as communication skills and addressing any underlying issues related to addiction. Our programs also include relapse prevention strategies, 12-step recovery processes, art therapy sessions, and other activities to help keep patients engaged in the recovery process and increase their self-esteem.

Our Alcohol Treatment Services

Our clients have seen great success through our alcohol treatment program. We offer a wide range of treatment services that include, but are not limited to:

Inpatient Treatment Program

An inpatient alcohol treatment program is designed to monitor and support patients as they begin their journey through recovery. The goal of our inpatient program is to provide the necessary tools and coping mechanisms for lasting sobriety from alcohol. This can be done through group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and activities such as yoga or meditation.

Outpatient Treatment Program

For those who cannot commit to an inpatient program due to personal or professional obligations, we offer an outpatient treatment option. This program offers more flexibility while still providing the same quality services as our inpatient program. The goal is to help those who cannot commit to long-term inpatient treatment but still need assistance with recovery from alcohol addiction.

Dedicated Treatment Team

Embark Recovery offers around-the-clock care and support, as well as a specialized team of professionals committed to helping individuals find their path to sobriety. We understand that no two people are the same and strive to customize each treatment plan accordingly. With our dedication and commitment to success, we can help you or a loved one reestablish a balance in life free from the grips of alcoholism.

Alcohol Treatment in Prescott, Arizona, with Embark Recovery

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