About Embark Recovery

About Embark Recovery

At Embark Recovery, our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where all individuals can begin the process of recovery in their own unique way. Embark Recovery provides support to build life skills for long-term success. We recognize that each individual has different experiences and needs when it comes to addiction treatment, so we offer a variety of programs tailored to those specific needs

Embark Recovery creates recovery plans that help patients achieve long-term sobriety. We build people up with life skills and support during the outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment process. We focus on building the foundation of recovery that starts with reducing cravings, managing triggers, and increasing self-esteem and confidence.

The Embark Recovery Team has been successful in helping those with alcohol and drug addiction for many years. Embark Recovery Center is operated by individuals who have suffered from the disease of addiction firsthand and know the struggles our patients deal with each day.

At Embark Recovery Center our program has been developed to tailor each of our patients journey to recovery individually. Our patients are taught essential life skills, such as finding and maintaining employment and reaching financial independence. At Embark Recovery we provide individual guidance and therapy for each patient that can range from life conflict resolution to basic money management. The goal at Embark Recovery is for our patients to not only recover from addiction but live a successful independent life after recovery.

Embark Recovery understands that family relationships are critical in the recovery of our patients. As your loved one is at Embark Recovery you will be able to work with a family liaison case manager that will assist in our unique family services program. With family encouragement and support our patients experience longer lasting sobriety.

Guided by industry leaders and business professionals, Embark Recovery continues to lead the market with strength, stability along with services and programs unlike others in the industry.

Our team members show our patients a path to recovery from addiction using proven methodologies, access to experienced professionals and by utilization of real-life examples of their own successes.

Our Mission

Teaching honesty, integrity and recovery through compassion, dedication and excellence while providing a safe, healing environment for our Patients and our staff.

Our Vision

  • Build a world class Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center that exemplifies the best in the Healthcare Industry.
  • Create an environment where Mental Health Professionals can realize their potential and expand beyond what they thought they were capable of achieving.
  • Create a culture of acceptance, tolerance and healing that is recognized and embraced by both our staff and our patients.
  • Create a safe environment of healing that allows our patients to achieve their health and life goals using the tools we provide.
  • Continuous improvement of our average length of stay, average number of days sober and overall recovery rates for the patients we serve.
  • Create a Best in Class Healthcare business that operates with integrity, has success in the treatment of our patients, allows our staff to grow and realize their own goals, and operates profitably.
  • Participate in creation of Ethical Operating Principals and Clinical Standards for the industry to improve the quality of care provided by the industry as a whole.

What to Expect

Embark Recovery has developed alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs that are specific to the needs of its patients. Our most common program is a 6-month program where our patients are required to get a job and learn the basics of living clean and sober. The program will help our patients get back on their feet.

At Embark we teach essential life skills needed to establish a solid base and provide guidance and support in finding employment and financial independence. We assist with money management, life conflict resolution and many other skills during the appropriate therapy or services needed for each patient.

Embark also believes that the family can and will play a critical part of the patient's recovery and offer unique family services through our family liaison during the entire program. With family encouragement and support our patients experience longer lasting sobriety.

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