Magellan Complete Care

Embark Recovery strives to provide our clients with the best level of care for people facing addiction. As one of the Magellan Complete Care recovery centers in AZ, it is possible to get the care you need if you have this coverage. We accept a wide range of public and private health insurance plans to accommodate our clients. We are also an in-network provider for Magellan Complete Care of Arizona plans.

We Work With Your Insurance Provider

As one of the rehabs that accepts Magellan, Embark Recovery aims to ensure your insurance plan is maximized to fully benefit you. We work directly with your insurance company to learn what type of care coverage is available. Keep in mind, various plans have different levels and amounts of coverage.

Embark Recovery offers a range of treatment options including inpatient and outpatient care. We also provide medical detox, medication assisted treatment and exceptional holistic care programs. Our experts understand you need full body and mind care to achieve optimal results. That’s why we learn what your insurance will cover and make sure the care you receive from us utilizes the level of support your insurance provides.

Treatment Cost Varies

Magellan Complete Care substance abuse treatment is available to most people. However, Magellan Complete Care alcohol abuse coverage and other treatments are not always covered 100%.

There are many variables that impact how much you could pay for addiction treatment. This includes the length of your stay in our detox and residential treatment programs. There may also be key policy differences in pharmacy access and psychiatric services offered. By providing insurance verification to you, you always know what to expect in terms of costs and coverage options.

Embark Recovery Is the Right Choice for Your Care

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex health condition. It takes having access to the finest treatment centers to give you the support needed to break your dependence and start on the path toward healing.

Embark Recovery has designed comprehensive treatment plans to address each one of your needs. With personalized care, innovative treatment and the most advanced therapies available, we’re here for you.

MCC rehabs like ours are dedicated to working closely with your insurance provider and your team of doctors to get premium care and coverage. To learn more, simply fill out our insurance verification form or contacting Embark Recovery now. Our team is happy to help.

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