American Indian Health Program

At Embark Recovery, we understand the complexities of drug and alcohol treatment, and what you are experiencing. That is why we make our programs as accessible as possible. We work with a variety of private and public health insurance policies to provide this type of coverage.

We are an in-network provider for the American Indian Health Program. If you are looking for American Indian Health Program recovery centers in AZ, contact our team for immediate help. Read on to learn more.

Comprehensive Care Designed to Fit Your Needs and Coverage

If you have American Indian substance abuse treatment, Embark Recovery can be your go-to provider. Our centers meet the requirements for this insurance, and we can help you through treatment plans that fit your coverage.

As one of the rehabs that accepts American Indian Health Program coverage, our primary goal is to ensure your addiction treatment needs are always met. In most situations, that means providing you with a care plan that is comprehensive — whether it involves residential treatment, outpatient care or medication-assisted care. We also offer complete detox services.

What Will It Cost to Get Help?

It is not always simplistic to know the cost of rehab for any person. Yet, we do our best to make this as clear as possible. Our American Indian Health Program rehabs are designed to provide you with the best care possible within your coverage.

What you will pay, though, depends on many factors. This includes variables such as whether or not you need detox, and how long your stay in residential treatment is (if needed). Access to medications and psychiatric services might also influence costs. We verify your coverage — allowing you to see exactly what to expect.

Why Choose Embark Recovery?

Our American Indian substance abuse treatment programs are designed to help you heal and overcome your addiction so you can start on the road to recovery. We offer full-service care with outstanding supportive services and a wide range of tools. Best of all, our comfortable community and compassionate counselors are here to help you right away.

Begin your road to recovery