America's Choice Provider Network

ACPN is an independent, multi-specialty national provider network committed to creating solutions in the healthcare industry as it relates to the millions of claims that fall out of network each month. ACPN is committed to contracting providers in order to extend members’ access to medical care from providers that do not participate in the members’ primary network.

ACPN’s clients consist of insurance carriers, third party administrators, health and welfare funds, bill review companies, and managed care organizations. ACPN’s products include Individual and Group Health, Workers Compensation, Auto Liability and Medicare Advantage.

ACPN’s development is based on the needs of its members and clients. ACPN members are motivated to access ACPN participating providers as their out-ofpocket expenses are reduced. Members are responsible for their co-pay, coinsurance, deductible, but no other balance billing. Furthermore, there is a consistent, guaranteed rate for each reimbursement that does not change from visit to visit and is not subject to varying reasonable and customary or bill review amounts.

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