By: Taylor Wood, Executive Director at Embark Recovery, Prescott, Arizona

Insurance… will it cover your treatment?  Sometimes your addiction treatment may not be covered by your insurance company. You can learn more about your specific insurance coverage for addiction treatment and mental health coverage by reading through your benefits guide, or simply contacting your insurance company directly.

Your individual insurance coverage for addiction treatment will depend on your insurance company that your policy is written with, as well as the type of treatment you decide on. Not all insurance companies cover addiction treatment, and those that do, may not cover certain types of treatment you may require.

Generally, Outpatient addiction treatment is typically covered by most health insurance plans, but not all insurance companies will cover inpatient treatment. Typically if your insurance is a PPO plan it will cover treatment. If you do not have a PPO policy, you can contact your insurance company and find a service provider who is contracted with your insurance company.

The most successful type of treatment is the step down treatment plan. It has proven to help people in gaining individual, long-term sobriety. This system is known as PHP, IOP, and OP working in succession, stepping down from addiction to sobriety.

(PHP) Partial Hospitalization program is the first step. PHP is a structured program providing care at least five days a week for six hours per day. Patients attend daily programming, structured group therapy, and weekly individual therapy sessions. They also have more access to the community and outside support group meetings like AA and NA. The purpose of PHP is to move Patients away from a traditional inpatient treatment and to gain more real-life experience interacting in daily life and within the community.

(IOP) Intensive Out-Patient program is the second stage of treatment.  IOP will provide care for three to five days per week, three hours per day, at minimum. This program allows clients greater access out in the community than a PHP level of care. The focus of IOP is to slowly evolve these individuals back into society while developing real life skills like, job searching and/or volunteering, and preparing individuals for the next step in their recovery.

(OP) Out –Patient is the last stage and is twice a week for an hour and half.  This is the final stage before returning to society.  OP is intended for individuals attending school or working a job.  They can talk about the struggles or experiences they are having with others.  It is less demanding but still ensures support and accountability needed in early recovery.

For more information regarding your insurance coverage, or to see if your insurance plan will cover your loved one, please call Embark Recovery today at 1-877-215-2224!