By: Lawrence Briggs, Housing Director at Embark Recovery, Prescott, Arizona & Richard Russano

At Embark Recovery, we believe the essence of living a sober lifestyle encompasses more than just living a new life free from drugs and alcohol; for it includes openly working a set of spiritual principles in order to not only become clean and sober, but to learn to live a life that is joyous, happy, and free. We strive to teach honesty, integrity, and the skills of recovery through compassion, dedication, and excellence; we find men and women have a greater chance of transcending their alcoholism and addiction.

The road of the alcoholic or addict may indeed be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be.  By connecting with a strong body of likeminded people, the alcoholic/addict enters a new world embraced by an endless source of love and empathy, where his story is suddenly mirrored in the eyes of every man and woman who offers their support. Freeing the body of chemical dependency, teaching the mind to free itself from ego and strife, leads the alcoholic/addict to discover a power greater than themselves. There, one becomes free to pluck the fruit of positive human experience, where altruistic behaviors and service to others strengthens their resolve and gives new insight into their character.

In the tradition of the Twelve Steps and Alcoholics Anonymous (i.e. AA, NA, CA, HA, etc.), one works with a sponsor who guides them through the process; teaching them how to apply these grand principles to themselves and their daily lives. As one begins to work a strong program, sound ethics and morals go hand and hand with a renewed sense of personal integrity as the infatuations of alcohol, toxin, and vice all begin to disappear. In the Quasimodo heart of every addict, every drunk, every assumed degenerate, there is a light, which yearns to shine. We welcome all who desire to live a sober life to take the first step towards their recovery. For there is a home where all our inner light may come to burn bright again.

To help our clients achieve greatness, Embark Recovery combines luxurious living accommodations, an experienced staff of Residential Counselors, and an expert, certified Clinical team who all work together to guide the client through the beginnings of recovery. In time, with the aid of the Embark Team, the client gains a renewed sense of independence and confidence, before setting out into the world.