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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in Prescott

Embark Recovery - Treatment ServicesLocated in Prescott, Arizona, Embark Recovery offers a wide range of alcohol and drug treatment services. With a collaborative and personalized approach, patients work closely with our addiction specialists to effectively pave a road to recovery.  Through our effective, licensed, intensive substance abuse recovery services, patients are given the strength and growth they need to live a full life, free of addiction. View our list of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services below for a description of each offering.

Introduction to the 12 Steps – This is the baseline of the process. Patients receive an introduction to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. They are required to secure a sponsor who is an active member in the A.A program and has also worked through all twelve steps themselves.

Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions – Patients will be enrolled into Embark Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program where they will be assigned a clinician who they are required to meet with on a weekly basis. In those therapy sessions, they will work out any trauma and deep-seated behavioral issues in order to be able to live more fulfilling lives as active members of society. In addition, patients will be evaluated by our Psychiatrist, who will also determine whether additional individual Psychiatric Sessions are required to assist in the Recovery process.

Group Therapy – Patients will be enrolled in regular group therapy sessions where they will be able to discuss daily struggles in a safe, confidential environment constructed of their peers and the supervision of a trained and licensed Clinician.

Medical Care* – Patients can schedule appointments with a professional for regular checkups or any medical emergencies. They will also be required to visit a doctor every thirty days for follow-up to ensure a healthy approach to their Recovery.

Psychiatric Care* – Patients receive a Psychiatric analysis upon entering Embark Recovery and may be prescribed any necessary medications upon the Psychiatrist’s recommendation.

Trauma Workshops – Embark Recovery offers patients the chance to work through any existential trauma. This workshop is offered through Our Licensed Clinical staff.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This form of therapy allows the patients to take a look at deep-seated behaviors and beliefs, come to a conclusion of the cause, and determine the best way to change the behavior.

Individualized Treatment Plans – Upon entering therapy patients will participate in the creation of an individualized treatment plan based on their initial assessment and personal goals. This allows Clinical staff to better understand what type of treatment goals to set for each individual patient. Treatment goals may change throughout the patient’s stay with Embark and we encourage each patient to participate in the process for greater chances of success.

Family Programs – Embark Recovery communicates regularly with the families and/or loved ones of the patients in order to update them on the patients’ progress as they continue through the Embark program.

Relapse Prevention Education – This program allows for patients to build a plan for staying sober outside of the drug and alcohol treatment services environment. 

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) – Embark offers effective, licensed, intensive treatment options centered on our patients. Upon entering the program, patients will participate in the creation of an individualized treatment plan based on their initial assessment. This allows our Clinical staff to better understand what type of treatment goals to set for each individual patient. Treatment goals may change throughout the patient’s stay with Embark to ensure the best possible care for our patients and to help them achieve sobriety. 

Sober Living Services – Another critical part of any successful Recovery is the residential environment around them during their treatment.  We work exclusively with some of the best Residential Services programs in the area and are constantly re-evaluating their performance to ensure that our patients are being supported in their Recovery in a safe, structured environment.  Our staff at Embark is in daily contact with the Residential Services providers who are working with the patients, understanding individual needs, resolving issues, and ensuring progress. Embark provides clear direction to the Residential Services providers to ensure they are utilizing a therapeutic approach with consequences, guidelines, and suggestions. The Residential Services programs we work with help individuals by teaching life skills, introducing patients to 12 step fellowships, and teaching them how to have fun without drugs and alcohol.

A strong Sober Living residential experience is a key component to teaching the necessary life skills needed to obtain long term sobriety. They provide daily direction and positive reinforcement to our patients on the application of their newly learned recovery tools in a real-life setting and allow them to practice those skills in a supportive, protected environment.

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