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Addiction Recovery Specialists

Receiving treatment from qualified, experienced drug and alcohol addiction professionals is by far the most important factor in choosing the right rehabilitation center and getting effective treatment. At Embark Recovery, we have employed only certified and professionally qualified alcohol and drug rehab specialists who have worked successfully in the industry for many years. Our staff is caring and compassionate. All Embark Recovery addiction recovery specialists are highly qualified individuals. Each staff member plays and integral part of the recovery of each of our patients in the programs. Our drug and alcohol rehab specialists deliver state-of-the-art treatment options that are proven successful in addiction recovery. Learn more about the experience, background, and story of each of our team members below.

Taylor Wood
Executive Director

Taylor attended Arizona State University for business and education and was introduced to the Recovery industry in 2012. Taylor has experienced the life of addiction, treatment, and recovery and is now practicing what he learned at several other treatment programs at Embark. He has worked in all facets of the treatment industry from residential to family services and program director. He has established a dynamic way of helping patients that brings about change, hope, and joy for the addict alike. Taylor has dedicated his life to help people suffering from the same disease and makes it his goal to help others obtain long-term sobriety.

Julie Nave, MA, LPC
Clinical Director

Julie Nave has been independently licensed by the AZ State Board of Behavioral Health since 2004 and brings more than 20 years of experience in the behavioral health field. She has completed extensive work in assessment, crisis intervention, group, and individual therapy. She focuses on cognitive and dialectical behavioral treatment approaches with a specialty in dialectical behavior therapy. She has worked with all ages and populations of people who have behavioral health problems. Julie was the clinical director of a large community mental health organization and has lived in the Prescott area since 1995.

Ryan Butler
Director of Family Services

Ryan attended Arizona State University and received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship.  Ryan has extensive experience in communications, relationship management and problem solving.  These experiences serve him well in his role as Director of Family Services.  He is frequently called upon by families to help them navigate very difficult circumstances and achieve positive outcomes.  As Ryan is in recovery himself, he is better able to appreciate and understand the challenges the patients and their families are experiencing and guide them through the process.

Colin Slattery
Director of Operations

Colin attended Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Life Sciences. After graduation, Colin spent 3 years as a Catholic Missionary working with College students and providing spiritual and life guidance. Colin has leveraged those experiences as a mentor in the program as well as his leadership role in our Spiritual Guidance Program.

Dr. Terry Vaughan, M.D.

Dr. Vaughan is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine with a residency in Psychiatry at the same University. Having spent several years providing Psychiatric services throughout central Arizona and now in the Prescott area Dr. Vaughan is an integral part of the success at Embark Recovery. Dr. Vaughan is a member of the American Psychiatric Association and the Arizona State Psychiatric Association since 1993 as well as the American Medical Association since 1990. Dr. Vaughan was also named NAMI Exemplary Psychiatrist in 2009. One of 41 named across the country chosen for their “Exceptional dedication to people living with mental illness.”

Rebecca Lane, BHP, LAC

Rebecca is a Behavioral Health Professional and Licensed Associate Counselor in Arizona. She is a National Certified Counselor and has been studying and working in the field of mental health since 2005. Rebecca earned her BA in Psychology from the University of South Florida and her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northern Arizona University. Her specialties include treating individuals with co-occurring substance use conditions who also are challenged with a mental health disorder. She utilizes trauma-informed and integrated care models in conjunction with Person Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Creative Therapies to create a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan that is specific to each individual.  She serves as a member of the Embark Clinical Team by providing individual counseling/treatment and group psycho-education/counseling within the Program.

Adam Rogers, LASAC

Adam has been involved in the recovery process for the last 25 years and has a passion for working for individuals who are affected by the disease of addiction. After raising his children, Adam attended Grand Canyon University where he earned his Master’s degree in addiction counseling before becoming a licensed therapist. He feels that his personal recovery experience and education will be beneficial in helping others, who suffer from the disease of addiction, work toward achieving a life of sobriety. 

Starr Denison, LAC

Starr is a licensed clinical mental health counselor specializing in trauma-focused experiential therapy with a concentration in equine-assisted mental health. She earned two BS degrees from Northern Arizona University in Zoology and Psychology and her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Prescott College. As a professional animal trainer for nearly three decades, she has combined her passion for working with both domestic and exotic animals with working with people in the treatment setting. Starr uses an integrative holistic approach in treatment focusing on the client’s whole person and treating the client as an integral member of the treatment team working with those struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. Her goals are to motivate clients, have fun in treatment, and develop a client’s willingness for healthy life-change.

Mason Hernandez
Case Manager

My name is Mason Hernandez. I grew up in southern California in a small town called Brea. I love being outdoors and making people laugh.  I enjoyed many sports growing up and going on family vacations, but sadly this all came to end when my Alcoholism really started showing itself at about 15 years old. My addiction’s took over every aspect of my life and everyone who loved me couldn’t even recognize me anymore. I struggled with addiction for 10 years before finally giving AA and treatment a chance.  When I finally surrendered to the fact that I was an addict and there was a sickness inside me that I couldn’t manage on my own is when I made the leap of faith to come to Embark Recovery. I am a graduate of Embark Recovery and along with Alcoholics Anonymous owe my life too. I am committed to helping addict’s  and there family’s recover from this disease. Addiction affects not just the addict but everyone around them which why I love doing what I do so much being able to help with the family’s as well.

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