Embark Recovery is proud to accept many types of private and public health insurance plans. We are an approved, in-network provider of care among TRICARE recovery centers in AZ. TRICARE substance abuse treatment coverage differs from one plan to the next, but many of our services should fit under your TRICARE plan’s coverage.

Get the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services You Need

As one of the rehabs that accepts TRICARE insurance, trust Embark Recovery to ensure you get the maximum amount of insurance benefits within your plan.

We want every client to receive comprehensive care through all of our programs. This is why we provide numerous treatment options including medical detox, inpatient substance abuse, medication assisted treatment and outpatient care.

What Will You Pay for Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

TRICARE-approved substance abuse facilities such as Embark Recovery always prioritize your care and needs. We work with you to assure you understand the type of care needed to achieve recovery.

However, we are also transparent about pricing. The cost of your treatment depends on many factors including length of stay and the amount of care received. There are also many variables — such as pharmacy requirements and psychiatric services provided — that can impact your costs.

Our team is happy to verify your costs so you know what to expect. If you need TRICARE alcohol abuse coverage or drug abuse coverage, we can provide insurance verification

Select the Care You Need and Work With a Trusted Team

Embark Recovery is the right choice for your drug and alcohol rehab needs using your TRICARE insurance coverage. The first step is to contact us today to inquire about the availability of care. As one of the TRICARE-approved substance abuse facilities in the area, we are here to support you. Put your health and future above anything else and call for more support.

Let our team verify your TriCare insurance now by filling out our online form. You can also contact Embark Recovery for one-on-one assistance. We’re here to help you get started.

Begin your road to recovery