Embark Recovery offers full-service drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We are passionate about providing excellent care to each of our clients. To do that, we accept a wide variety of private and public health insurance plans. We are also an out-of-network provider for Cerner. As one of the Cerner recovery centers that AZ residents can select, we encourage you to learn more about our treatment — covered below.

We Partner Directly With Cerner to Optimize Your Care

Since every person’s path forward is different, we address your needs and work within your insurance coverage to utilize as much of it as possible for you.

Embark Recovery offers a range of treatment options. This includes residential treatment, outpatient treatment, drug and alcohol detox, and medication-assisted treatment. After a full assessment, we’ll recommend the program right for you, offer specific steps and work with you for insurance verification. Keep in mind, there’s no risk when calling us to verify your Cerner insurance plan — which can help cover your costs for drug and alcohol treatment.

How Much Do Cerner Rehabs Cost?

If you need Cerner alcohol abuse treatment or drug abuse treatment, your care’s cost will depend on your needs. The type of program, length of stay, and your insurance plan all play a role. In addition, variables such as pharmacy requirements and psychiatric services provided may alter your costs.

Cerner substance abuse treatment is always catered to your health needs. When contacting us, we can verify your coverage so you know exactly what to expect. We are always transparent in costs of care.

Depend on Embark Recovery for Quality Treatment

As one of the rehabs that accepts Cerner, we want to be here for all your needs. If you are struggling with drugs and alcohol, reach out to our trusted, compassionate counselors to learn more about how we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or you can complete the insurance verification form here to get started

Begin your road to recovery