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Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

The substance abuse rehabilitation center you choose has a great impact on the effectiveness of your treatment and recovery. At the Embark Recovery substance addiction rehab center in Prescott, AZ, patients benefit from Embark Recovery being one of the highest rated facilities in the state.
Our facility emulates real life in a controlled environment. Situated in a visually spectacular landscape with an amazing view, patients can enjoy a serene, therapeutic environment that actually expedites recovery. This is all part of the Embark Recovery philosophy. We do not keep patients in a locked-up, sheltered environment during their treatment. Exposing them to life experiences facilitates recovery, leading to successful and lasting results.
Embark Recovery’s advanced rehabilitation center has everything patients need during their stay, including many amenities that make them feel safe and comfortable.
Our rehab center in Prescott and our highly regarded treatment programs are important factors that contribute to the success of our patients who all leave with the confidence to build a life worth living.
If you are ready for a fresh, sober start, verify your insurance today by clicking the button at the top of the page. You can also call us at 877.788.5788 to speak to an addiction professional regarding any questions you may have.

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