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Embark Recovery

Drug addiction is a serious issue, and it’s imperative that you get the best help you can. Before checking into any drug rehabilitation centers, there are some questions you should ask to make sure you are getting the best care possible to get back to a sober life.

Are they licensed, certified, and accredited?

You want to make sure any of the drug treatment centers you’re considering are licensed and accredited. These certifications assure you that you will be getting the highest quality care possible. The guidelines vary from state to state, so you can check on the center’s website or even with the state government to make sure the facility is accredited.

Is it short-term or long-term treatment?

The most common length of a drug rehabilitation treatment program is 28 days. This amount of time might not be long enough to kickstart your journey back to sobriety. It is essential to find a center that offers both short-term and long-term treatment programs you can get the length of time you need to start recovery.

Do they teach nutritional and life skills?

Drug abuse often times leaves the abuser in a state of poor physical health. It’s important that the drug rehabilitation center you choose addresses those problems and includes the nutritional support you need to recover. The same goes for life skills. When you exit rehab, you’re going to need the life skills it takes to deal with stresses and challenges so you don’t turn back to drugs.

Do they offer individualized treatments?

Finally, you want to make sure that the drug rehab facility you choose offers individualized treatment options. No two people are alike, and every person that struggles with addiction has their own needs to start recovering.

There were over 63,000 overdose deaths in America in 2016, including 42,249 (66.4%) that involved opioids. That’s average to about 115 opioid overdose deaths every day. You don’t want to be another number in those statistics. Getting help from a drug rehabilitation center is crucial. You want to make sure they check off all the questions on your list so that you can get back to your life clean, sober, happy, and safe. You have a life ahead of you, and drug rehabilitation can help get you started on the path to there.