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Other Therapy Programs

Embark Recovery - Outdoor Therapy ProgramEmbark Recovery Center is one of the most highly regarded drug and alcohol rehab centers in beautiful Prescott, Arizona.  Located just 100 miles north of the Phoenix metro area is our IOP center.

An aspect that Embark Recovery Center takes great pride in is our Outdoor Therapy program.  After enrollment, if a patient is medically cleared and capable, he will embark on a weekly outdoor activity.  Some of these activities include backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, or swimming.  Arizona is well known for its beautiful landscape and scenic adventures that one can enjoy.

Participating in any of Embark Recovery’s outdoor activities can help the patient realize that he CAN conquer what he previously thought would not be possible.  The outdoors program also helps the patient identify that a journey can be followed through with, even if it once thought impossible.  After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.  Methaphorically speaking this can directly be related to the patients’ recovery process.

Some of the benefits of Embark Recovery’s Outdoors Program include but are not limited to:

  • Spiritual growth

  • Discovery of self-worth

  • Improvement of self esteem

  • Identification of behaviors and self talk

  • Internal/External awareness

  • Better decision making

  • Trust Building & Cooperation with others

  • Leadership

  • Achievement of goals

  • Simply having fun in sobriety

Conquering external activities can help begin the healing process to alcohol and drug abuse.  This is one of the cornerstone’s of Embark Recovery’s treatment program for addiction.

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