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Family Liaison Services

Embark Recovery - Family Liason ServicesAddiction and Alcoholism are considered to be family diseases.  When there is a family member in active addiction, the entire family ends up suffering in many ways.  Embark Recovery’s philosophy is that the family needs to be informed and updated frequently regarding the patient’s progress in recovery.  This keeps the family and the family member in our alcoholism or drug treatment in sync and allows for a supportive recovery environment when they return home.

Drug or alcohol treatment can be a difficult concept to grasp for some families as well.  With our professional staff at Embark Recovery, we offer licensed clinical resources for the family and loved ones to more effectively handle the challenges they will surely face.

Just one person in the family having drug and/or alcohol issues can cause family members or loved ones to also suffer from any of the following:

  • Physical Health Deterioration
  • Emotional Health Issues
  • Spiritual Health Issues
  • Unity Concerns
  • Financial Challenges

While in Embark Recovery’s treatment program, we can assist our patients and their loved ones to begin to overcome many of these issues.

Mason Hernandez
Case Manager

My name is Mason Hernandez. I grew up in southern California in a small town called Brea. I love being outdoors and making people laugh.  I enjoyed many sports growing up and going on family vacations, but sadly this all came to end when my Alcoholism really started showing itself at about 15 years old. My addiction’s took over every aspect of my life and everyone who loved me couldn’t even recognize me anymore. I struggled with addiction for 10 years before finally giving AA and treatment a chance.  When I finally surrendered to the fact that I was an addict and there was a sickness inside me that I couldn’t manage on my own is when I made the leap of faith to come to Embark Recovery. I am a graduate of Embark Recovery and along with Alcoholics Anonymous owe my life too. I am committed to helping addict’s  and there family’s recover from this disease. Addiction affects not just the addict but everyone around them which why I love doing what I do so much being able to help with the family’s as well.

Anthony Vega
Case Manager

Hi, my name is Anthony Vega. I am from San Diego California and moved to Arizona in 2012. I came out to Prescott over 3 years ago for recovery and have been here ever since. Recovery and sobriety have become everything in my life and this is why I am in this field. I am very passionate about helping people change their lives and showing  them that there is a life to be had in sobriety far greater than any life in active addiction. To get to that point is a great challenge and my job is to help as best I can along the journey.

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